Touched By Death (Poetry)

Touched by death

There’s this feeling
that only I can recognize.
I see it on your face,
your soul was

Touched by Death.
You’ve left the living world,
for just one moment.
Everything was different.

It’s not a dream,
nor are you crazy.
I’ve seen it too.
That’s why my soul feels yours.

We are connected
by an ancient might.
Not much people
will ever get chosen.

We are the ones,
that got touched by death.
We are the ones,
who live a second life.

Β© 27.11.17 LJ Meindl All rights reserved.


Lost Boy (Poetry)

Lost Boy

All the years
I’ve been left out.
As if I were invisible.
I didn’t count.

My attempt to belong
was never heard.
β€œYou can’t do that with us. You’re a girl”-
like a knife in my heart, it hurt.

I’ve seen you with your β€œbro’s”.
Jealous and sad,
these friendships
I never had.

Β© 25.11.17 LJ Meindl All rights reserved.

Sisu (poetry)

Sisu is a Finnish concept and cultural construct that is described through a combination of various English terms including stoic determination, grit, bravery, resilience,and hardiness…

Sisu is a grim, gritty, white-knuckle form of courage that is typically presented in situations where success is against the odds.

I died more than once
in this life.
But I got Sisu.
I’ll keep fighting,

For my rights
to live
a life worth living.

The road might be long and hard,
but I know I can make it.


My soul is strong.
Even though my body looks weak.

I got Sisu.

28.09.17 Β© LJ Meindl All rights reserved.

Restless Heart (Poetry)

You have a restless heart.
You can’t stand still.
Always on the run,
looking for adventures.

You need the action
in your life.
Your heart longs for
new experiences.

You’re a traveller
with a restless heart.
It forces you to be
always on the road.

Don’t try to stop it.
It’s where you belong.
It’s who you are

Exciting. Awesome.

Β© 06.08.17 LJ Meindl All rights reserved.

Invisible (Poetry)


Why don’t you see me?
I’m standing right next to you.
But you talk with your friends
and I am out.

It’s like, I’m invisible.
People see through me;
Pretend, I’m not there.
What can I do,
to be seen and heard?

Your affection never last long.
If you meet someone else,
I am forgotten.
Do I even mean anything to you?

It’s like, I’m invisible.
People see through me;
Pretend, I’m not there.
What can I do,
to be included?

Always I’m left out;
Ever been.
Why? I don’t know.
I just want to belong.

Β© LJ Meindl 11.07.17 All rights reserved.