Fidget “Toys”

Fidget toys are “in”. What most people don’t know, they were created for people with ADHD, autism or anxiety disorders. It helps them to focus, relieving stress and anxiety. It helps them to get through the day.
A dear friend gave me a fidget cube. I immediately started to stim with it the day it arrived. Since I use it, I can cope better with the overload, it helps me to reduce the effects of overwhelming sensory stimuli.

That’s why it makes me mad if neurotypicals use them. There are not toys! There are not meant for you! Finally we have some attention on stimming and the aids we need and you have nothing better to do than to make fun of us with using them. If you don’t need fidget aids, don’t use them! You are taking it away from people who need it. In some schools they are already forbidden because neurotypical kids played around with them. The kid with ADHD has the same struggle again that they can’t focus the lesson. The autistic kid has the same struggle again that they can’t stim to cope the overload.

Would you use glasses without needing them? Would you use a cane or a wheelchair without needing it? No? Then why do you use fidget aids when you don’t need them? Just don’t do it. They are aids like a cane or a wheelchair, created to help actual disabled people to make their lives easier.


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