Can’t sleep…

For about 2 weeks now I experience a pulling inflamed pain and cramps in my abdomen. It feels similar to menstrual pain. Since I’m not dealing with this shit anymore, I know it’s the tumour. The lymphangioma cysts in my intestine are bleeding again. It would also explain why I’m so heavily tired, weak and struggle with loss of appetite and nausea again. Last summer I had almost 70kg and now I’m down to 63kg. It must be the stress of the last months… Every time I get stressed out, the lymphangioma reacts to it. It starts growing, bleeding and I get more vulnerable for infects. 2 days ago I was at the hairdresser. Just that nothing more. And in the evening I got already a sore throat and nauseaous stomach cramps. Yesterday I spent the whole day in bed, and even today I still was mostly in bed because I felt too weak to get up. Fatigue syndrome. Caused by the bleeding cysts. Unfortunately I can’t do anything to help it. It’s 11pm here and I’m drinking a tea for stomach and intestine troubles. I also took one more of my Tilidin pills to at least keep the neuropathical pain under control. I hope I am able to sleep later.

A very tired and done-with-life


P.S. In Germany Cannabis just got legalized and I hope I soon can try it out if it helps me with the symptoms of the lymphangiom flare.


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