How I define friendship

Lately I had a fight with someone about a topic, that doesn’t matter what it was about, but that person was attacking one of my friends who happens to be a musician. So she didn’t believe that I and the musician were friends because “He never tells about that!”. She got really rude towards me and blamed that it was just all in my head. Well, in my life I’ve always have had been friends with musicians and other people working in music business. Some of them were more or less famous. It is nothing special to me but normal. Of course if you are friends with someone who has a busy job like this, you do not get to talk and see each other that often. That’s why I prefer musicians. They won’t get mad at me if I don’t text them for a while. A while would be a few weeks or months. Even had someone I haven’t talked to for over a year, but he didn’t mind. Because they were busy with touring, recording and private family life. But instead they always are happy about our small talks. Asking how we have been and what’s news. 

To the point that he “never mentions”, well, most musicians and especially this friend, are known for keeping their private life private. He only uses his social medias for his job. And of course do famous people also have non-famous friends. So that girl asked me on what our friendship is based on. Most people define friendship about how often they text, talk, see each other. I don’t. For me, someone is my friend if we like each other, have similar interests, our souls kinda connect. It doesn’t matter how often you see them or talk. Every time I see my friend, it’s like we just stopped talking. You do not always need a super close connection with everyone of your friends. In life you will meet many friends. With some you’ll get closer, with others you only talk about one topic. For me, these people are still my friends. It doesn’t matter if they live next to me or on the other side of the world. If we agreed to be friends, yes then we are friends.

Oh and if I happen to talk about them/ mention them in a talk, I do not do this for attention. I just talk about them like I do about my other friends. I’m sorry if you can see them only as “rockstars”. I see them as normal human beings. It’s no big deal!


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