Autism-Assistance update

A while ago I talked about that I applied for personal budget. After a lot of conversations with the social help, autism-center, autism-assistance and health insurance, we came to the agreement that we change the application to “ambulant assisted living”. For the application I needed to see the psychiatrist from social help. He was very incompetent! Not that he completely ignored my tumour disease and the followed chronic pain and disability by it, he also has no clue about autism. I saw him already for a different application some years ago, where I mentioned that I suspect having autism. He shrugged it off. “I don’t believe, it’s something autistic. You should do a therapy, prefferebly in a hospital and take medications to treat your social phobia.” So I wasn’t very happy to have to deal with him again. Although I now have a professional diagnosis of autism, it seemed he still sticks with the wrong diagnosis social phobia. He kept telling me how I should do an autism focussing support. Again I told him that autism isn’t treatable and that it doesn’t change my disabilities. He looked through my medical papers and said “From how I see you here, I can’t see why you can’t do your household.” Wtf? It’s not only that, but I also need assistance in grocery shopping and a companion when I have appointments and have to use public transportation! He asked me to tell my daily routine, so I did and mentioned the intense chronic pain that I experience every day. I even told him that I sometimes can’t even make it into the bathroom! But he stuck with his view. The “best” was when his assistant asked me about a therapy I did 10 years ago for social phobia. Again I explained that this was a wrong diagnosis that is now proved wrong since I got diagnosed with autism! She said “Autism, social phobia, whatever you want to call it, it’s only diagnosises.” Well, yes. But the big difference is, that social phobia is gotten later in life and treatable, whereas autism you have from birth and is not treatable! They then told me I should apply for care allowance at my health insurance. We did and it came out I am not sick enough to earn anything. 

Now we are at this point where the autism-assistance has a possible assistant for me that I could get in January. The social worker from my social help got now again asked from that doctor to aske me that I do this autism support thing first. Although everyone else who is involved agrees that I don’t need it but need an assostant for my daily life! I can go so fucking mad that now that I have a possible assistant no one wants to fucking pay for it! And this only because of this one fucking stupid doctor!

Anyway, we made an appointment for first meeting with the assistant that will be next week. After that happened I will tell how it went and if we have sorted out the payment. (Hopefully)


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