Trans hate on social medias

Today on Facebook I noticed a post on my one fav queer support blogs about a person who messages trans people and reports their profiles for “not using their real name”.

Let’s queer things up

Seriously? This makes me really mad and also a little sad. Lately I had to fight some haters/trolls on twitter, who sent me nasty tweets. They called me names. Why? Because I dared it to explain that gender is not based on genitals or chromosomes. Unfortunately here in Germany transhate is very common, especially towards nonbinary people. For the most people we just “don’t exist”. We get called sick and mentally ill or we are “not real trans”. Mostly this comes from cis people, but I noticed that some binary trans people think similar. Well, if you believe that gender has only to do with someones anatomy and is binary, you are ignoring facts. I should explain that in german there is only one word for gender. Our language doesn’t distinguish between sex and gender. TERF’s often try to tell that we have a biological gender, what is also just a social construct. Just because someone decided what anatomy is “typically male” and “typically female” doesn’t mean I have to agree on this concept. And biology isn’t binary either. Think about intersex people! I even find it unacceptable to assign a gender at birth. In my opinion this should be a self discovering thing. Think about it. You get to know a babies genitals and from that you espect what kind of human being it will be like. Doesn’t it sound weird? You suspect it what things they might like, what colors, what interests, what personality, even what they might become as an adult. All based on genitalia.

I have no clue where haters got the thought that you only are what society tells you, you have to be based on someones genitals. And why they get so mad when we tell them they’re wrong. It’s actually sad that those people have nothing better to do in their lives than to send hate to strangers on the internet, telling them what they can be and what not. I almost feel sorry for them. For their obviously very boring lives and non-existent self-love and self-esteem. Kind of ridiculous are those “feminists” who put a xx in their twitter names to prove that they’re cis women. I doubt that you ever have done a chromosome test and really know what chromosomes you have! And again, chromosomes doesn’t say anything about your gender or what kind of person you are! But if you keep hating on minorities, because you think they’re “not real”, then you are just an asshole.

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