Near Death Experience (Poetry)

(I wrote already about this but felt like I wanted to re-write it and put more details into it.)

Near Death Experience

When I sank into darkness
there was no fear.
The high pitched sound
of the heart monitor
hurt my ears
and, I looked up
to see what was going on.

The doctors fought for my life;
I saw my body on the operating table
but, I didn’t care.
This body wasn’t needed anymore.

A dark figure next to me
distracted me,
held out his hand for me
to come with him.


I felt no fear,
no discomfort,
no pain.
Everything felt wonderful.

A bright lovely light
appeared behind him.
It was welcoming me.
But before I could take his hand,
he stopped.

Looked at me with confusion
and back to the doctors,
who kept fighting.
The heart monitor
stopped it’s annoying sound
and beeped now in my heartbeat.

He said:
“It’s not your time yet.
You have to go back.”
But I shook my head,
stood straight in front of him.

“I don’t want to go back.
There’s so much pain.
I wanna stay here
’cause here I’m fine.”

Death sighed,
knowing that I won’t change my mind.
So he gave me a promise:
“When it’s your time,
I will be here again and take you by the hand
into the light.”

I agreed, and went back into life.

02.09.16 © LJ Meindl All rights reserved.

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