Raising awareness for lymphangioma

Dear diary,

lately I think very often what I can do to raise some awareness for my tumour disease, lymphangioma. Yes, I wrote some stuff here and it feels good to get it out of my mind, but it feels like I’m reaching no one really. I want to do more. But what can I do? Should I write more in german? But I can’t only focus on my journey with the lymphangioma because I am also autistic and transgender. It affects my whole life experience, just as the lymphangioma.

I could start now again to tell my story but like I said, I feel like this doesn’t brings me anywhere. So what else can I do beside to write about my life with it here?


(If anyone wants to read my story and my life with lymphangioma, check out this posts: https://ljmeindlauthor.wordpress.com/2014/10/01/my-battle-with-lymphangioma/





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