Stress and lymphangioma

Dear diary,

today in the morning I made a discovery. On my left hip I found a red irritation, right over the place where once a drainage were after  a surgery. Underneath the lymphangioma kept growing. Invisible, almost unnoticable. From time to time I get red and blue points there, sometimes really big filled with blood. They’re also called hemangioma. So my tumour is actually a mix of lymphangioma and hemangioma. The lymphangioma is actually harmless. It reacts to stress and infects and then it can happen that it grows and give me moderate to heavy pain. The hemangioma is known for that it’s like blood filled blisters what can pop open and start bleeding. Those blisters I have in my whole abdomen, in my intestine and close to my bladder. That’s why I don’t get treatment, simply because you can not remove the tumour cells/ blisters safely without hurting close living organs.
That’s why I’ve been told to avoid stress.

Last Saturday I’ve been at a concert, and before attended to a signing session where a lot of people were. During the gig I already experienced some strong back and hip pain caused from walking much and the stress what comes from being surrounded by people, many different noises and bright lights. In the end of the end and almost over the whole next day I had a heavy migraine too. I knew it was coming from the stress the night before.
A few days after I already felt better. Even could join physiotherapy and had a great workout. And now this. It bothers me.

All I can do now, is hoping that it won’t grow bigger and start to hurt me, and to take care very much of myself. So my weekend will be Me-Time. Doing something good to myself, like yoga, eating healthy and sleeping much 🙂

I hope by Monday it’s gone…


You see the right spot? That’s the lymphangioma.
This is what physiotherapy looks like to me 🙂 Getting fit!

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