Transition update: No hysterectomy for me

On Monday I was at my endocrinologist again, who is also a gynecologist. When I came in the first thing she noticed was that my voice is breaking. She asked me on how I’m feeling and I told her that everything goes well here. I’m still on 50mg Testogel and find it is the perfect dosage for me. She also was happy that I’ve gained 15kg since last February. No more underweight!
Because she is also gynecologist I asked her about if it’s possible for me to get hysterectomy. But she advise against it, due to my lymphangioma and the many surgeries I had in this area. The tumour cysts were once 2cm next to my bladder, I still have cysts in my intestine and from all the surgeries there’s a lot scar tissue. That she advised me against it was something I have counted on. It might get too risky that organs get hurt or the lymphangiom inflames again and gets worse.
I find the knowledge to have those organs in my belly disgusting but I think it’s something I can learn to live with. I haven’t had menstruation since last July, but last Monday it came back for 3 days. Exactly 4 weeks after my gestagen birth control pill was depleted. My endo/gyn said I shouldn’t worry about it. That this can happen when the estrogen level sinks and the body stops producing estrogen. It’s the beginning of menopause. So long I don’t show any symptoms of it. I just feel relaxed and happy that Testogel works so good for me.
Also we talked again about mastectomy. She hasn’t seen my chest yet but I told her that I have less than an A cup. For me, it’s like gynecomastia. She said, I should not hurry with the surgery since testo and exercises can still do much to the breast tissue. She even mentioned that I might not even need top-surgery if it’s really that small. But I do want it now. The knowing that cancer runs in my family is more horrifying to me than the “little” surgery to remove my breast tissue. Two of my aunts have breast cancer, one of them has it for the second time, my grandma died from lung cancer and my granddad had throat cancer. My endo/gyn just told me that there is no need to hurry. And I will give it time of course. I’m not planning on running into hospital as quick as I have accomplished the needed 18 months therapy. Last week I made a plan with my therapist to prepare myself for mastectomy.

My testosterone level I will get to know in 2 weeks and I got again a prescription for Testogel for the next 6 months. I really like this, so I don’t have to go visiting her so often. Less stress for me ๐Ÿ™‚


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