1 year on full-time real-life experience

Today a year ago I started to live as a man. I was doing research on transgender things and found out that I have to do a 1 year full-time real-life experience to be allowed to medical transition. I have started it for the reason that I wanted to find out, if I’m really transgender and where I do belong on the gender spectrum. Was I really male? Or did I fell out of the binary system?
(Update: I’m still not completely sure. I do feel somewhat male but a big part still says nonbinary.)
First time I put on male clothes, beginning with the underwear :D, it felt so right. To go out and present and indroduce myself as Luka felt so naturally. Suddenly depression was not a topic no more, self-harm got in the background. I felt free.

Tomorrow I will be 4 months on testosterone. I feel like I’m reborn. My body keeps changing, growing muscles and body hair and I love it! I think I never felt so much like me.

One happy guy,


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