My first month on T

Dear diary,

finally I find some energy to tell you about my first month on testosterone. The effects of the beginning HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) are still small but noticeable for me.

Slowly I start to grow more muscles, body hair and last week I even noticed the first small hairs on my mustache. My voice feels for me as if I’m hoarse but sometimes I can hear a little drop down.
My chest got a little broader, I only noticed it when I tried to put on my binder and saw it has gotten too tight.
Also what I find very interesting is, that my face has changed alittle. I can’t tell exactly what it is but I look a little bit different. And yes, it feels more like me. I’m coming closer to the day when I recognize myself in the mirror.

A few “negative” things, although I don’t see them as negative, are the acne that I start to get, that I get quicker pissed if something annoys me or also that I can kinda feel the hormone chaos in me, what gives me sometimes problems like dizziness and weakness. Well, it’s puberty mixed with menopause symptoms ๐Ÿ˜›

But on the whole, I feel so damn happy and relieved to finally be able to experience this puberty that I was desiring since I’ve been a teenager. I’m looking forward to the upcoming months and bigger changes.

So long,



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