Dear diary,

yesterday I’ve been in the hospital again to get my results from the MRI examination I had in June. After 4 years I went to the hospital again because of severe pain in my left hip. It was so worse I couldn’t walk for weeks.
So after they looked at my hip, they sent me to the MRI examination to see if the lymphangioma got worse there, or if it is pushing on a nerve.
Gladly it’s nothing serious. I have lot of cysts but very small ones on the left side of my abdomen, and a few bigger ones, but no vital organs are affected. They told me they can try to remove the bigger cysts but also said it probably didn’t help because they would come back right after.
But this are good news to me. As long as I’m able to eat and to do my physiotherapy I’m fine.
Jokingly the doctor gave me the advice to avoid infects lol The lymphangioma always reacts when I get sick. Also I know I have to avoid stress and some groceries.
So I just have to deal with the chronic pain that comes from my torn nerves when the weather is changing. And who knows? Maybe the testosterone has a positive effect on my health in general.



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