9 Things i don’t like being asked as a transgender male…

1) ‘So do you have a penis or a vagina?’

Nope don’t ask that!

2) ‘How do you have sex?’

3) ‘So are you a lesbian or gay?’

How can a boy be a lesbian???? I must either be gay, straight or Bi!!!

4) ‘So what was your birth name?’

5) ‘What toilets do you use?’

6) ‘So you’re a girl?’

I AM A BOY!!!!

7) ‘But you’d be a prettier girl, why change?’

I wasn’t a pretty girl and i never will be a pretty girl, why? because i am a boy!

8) ‘How do they you know, create the penis?’

9) ‘You don’t look like a boy though?’

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