T day

Dear diary,

had my endocrinologist appointment yesterday. It went so awesome! The nurse first asked me if she shall call me Mr. and of course I agreed. The doctor then was super nice too. Had a short look through my papers from my therapist, about lymphangioma, the other medications I’m on and the blood test results from my last blood test in April. Everything was fine so she gave me my receipt for testogel and a pill what should help me stop menstruation. I was surprised it went that easy.
She then took blood from me for hormone status and chromosomes test. Will get the results in two weeks.

So, today was the first day I creamed with testogel. It absorbs quickly from skin and goes directly into the blood circulation system. It’s just a few hours ago but I don’t know, I feel already so relaxed, relieved and I can’t stop smiling.

The doctor told me that gel might not be that effective than injections, but I know from some trans guys who say it works just as fine as injections. So I’m curious when I will notice first changes. I’m quite sure acne will be one of the first haha But that’s okay. It’s puberty. The real puberty. The right puberty. Finally.

a super happy Luka

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