I’m autistic (Poetry)

I am autistic

I am autistic.
What does that mean,
you might wonder.
Let me try to explain.

My biggest issues
I have with communication.
It looks so easy
when I watch the talks from others.

But I don’t know
how to start,
where to start,
what to say.

So it often ends up
that I watch the people around me,
try to make sense out of
what they’re doing.

The knowledge of what
they do different than me,
remains closed to me.
So I often stay alone.

And if I find the courage and words
to come to you, to start talking with you,
don’t wonder if I look awkward
or repeat myself.
If I ask weird questions
or express myself in an unusual way.

That means I like you
and I try my best
to communicate with you.
So, please be patient with me,

because I am autistic.

02.04.15 © L.J. Meindl All rights reserved.

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