Baby steps

Dear diary,

for 3 weeks now I’m in therapy and so far it goes really well.
Together we found out that most of my problems are related to Aspergers. (Oh yes, I forgot to tell, that I finally went through autism testing and although I will get the final results on Friday, the doctor already told me that it’s Asperger Syndrome.)
So yeah, the most problems I have are those small things that are natural for other people. Such little things like eating regularly on a daily basis or to drink enough water through the day. But it slowly gets better. Baby steps. My household is still a mess ( in some peoples eyes) but sometimes, on good days, I make it to keep my kitchen clean, doing the laundry and also to remind myself on eating, drinking and taking my medication.

At the moment I’m doing really well. I’m not depressed anymore and self harm is not a topic anymore. It’s no comparison to last year. I think, I’m kind of happy. It’s been so long since the last time I felt truly happy (if this ever was the case) so I actually don’t know.

I still have a long way to go, and it will last a while. I do things slowier than other people but that’s okay. Even if I use my baby steps, it will lead me to my goal sooner or later. One of my next big goals is, to be able to take care of my finances on my own again. I couldn’t do this for a long time so I got help from my mum. But I’m working on it to get an own bank account again and to manage it. Baby steps.

For now, self care is more important, and when I look at the clock right now, it tells me that it’s time for a glass of water and lunch.



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