I want to ride a bike again…

Now that the spring is coming closer I have the desire again to go out more. I really do miss the times when I was in a park, kept listening HIM and was writing pages over pages full of poetry and short stories.
Due to my paralyzed leg and the chronic pain, I couldn’t do much. Quickly I get exhausted and in pain. But I miss it so so much! And I want to ride a bike. I was 10 when I finally have learned to use the bike but then, when I was 12, the lymphangioma was there and I had to spent my years in hospital and got weaker and weaker.
Now that I’m back into physiotherapy and do my daily little workout, I feel much better. I get stronger and stronger every day.
I don’t know if this is possible or not, and I won’t go and ask a doc; they’ve told me so many “lies” over the years. Some of the things they told me I could never do, I did already. Like travelling.
So I wonder, if it’s possible to get my paralyzed leg that much better that I can use a bike again? I will start to work for it. I won’t listen to any doctors no more, who tell me that my nerve and muscles will never completely regenerate. I’ll work for it and we will see who’s right. I’m a fighter. I never give up.



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