Spent my weekend in Helsinki, Finland for a Valentine’s party. Yes, I’m aro and celebrated Valentine’s Day. In Finland it’s mostly a day for friendship 🙂
Anyway, I came out to one of my friends, I see rarely. First sentences: “You worry to much about things.” and then: “Everything is fine.” It was awesome! He never brought the transgender topic up again but treated me like a dear buddy. No difference to his other friends. No big deal at all.
I felt so confident that I even used the men’s bathroom for the first time! Some guys were giving me weird glances and started talking about why someone “don’t uses the lady’s bathroom”. I guess, they were talking about me. I kinda have zero passing xD But hey, I gave a fuck! I’m a man, I need to pee, guess what I do? I use the fucking men’s bathroom because there I belong! 😛

To sum it up: Amazing weekend! 😀



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