Taste of Blood

Taste of Blood

It was a dark night, as Lucy went her way. She loved these dark nights when the moon was covered by thick clouds. Her life was marked by darkness, vampires and blood. Gothic-Girl. She was an outsider. At school, she was shunned by all. Previously, she was even bullied. But it had stopped when she had told about, she would be in league with Satan and would curse all. For proof, she took a book about the dark powers of voodoo to school.
But Lucy did not need anyone. At least she thought. She enjoyed the solitude that surrounded her constantly. Until one night, met a kindred spirit. Very quickly she realized that Miska shared her love of blood and darkness.
Like every weekend, she also had an appointment tonight. He wanted to show her a club she did not know. He said she would “love” it.
Lucy looked at the digital clock on her cell phone and quickened her pace. She certainly did not want to be too late and let him wait!
As she rounded the corner, she smiled. Illuminated by the light of a scanty solitary streetlight, he stood there, waiting. He looked in her direction when he heard the soft tinkling of bells, that Lucy had sewn on her bag. Then he came leisurely step towards her and took her in his arms.
“Is it far, yet?” Lucy wanted to know from him.
She had walked all the way from home, to save money for the tram ticket. She also enjoyed being on a warm summer evening like this, to let the natural night to themselves.
“No. Just a little piece. ”
With his arm around Lucy’s shoulders, they walked the last bit together. Two dark figures in the pitch black darkness.
At the entrance Miska held up Lucy shortly. Eagerly she looked up at him.
“Everything you’ll see here tonight, must remain among us.”
He looked urgently into her eyes. Instinctively she felt a shiver down her spine.
“You must never tell another person thereof!”
Lucy nodded uncertainly.

No sooner had they entered the dark nightclub, a heavy metallic smell hit her in the nose. Frightened Lucy took a breath just to inhale even more of that smell. At once she had the matching taste in the mouth. Blood.
Confused, she looked around, but could see nothing spectacular. It looked like any other goth club she was once before.
She had stopped to get a better overview. Miska was at the back of the club and waited for her. Slowly Lucy paved her way through the people to get to him.
“Come, I’ll show you now something special here.”
He slowly walked down the stairs, the Lucy noticed right now. Miska motioned for her to follow him. Irritated, she followed him down into the darkness. Bit scared she wondered what she would probably expect.

Mounted on the wall medieval candlesticks dipped the narrow passage into a twilight. Lucy felt like she sees everywhere any shadows. Insecure she bit her lips. But the fascination of blood and the tense anticipation of the unknown that awaited her, held her in place. She wanted to be here! Lucy quickly joined on to Miska. He smiled at her reassuringly.
“Do not worry. We can go at any time if you wish. ”
Lucy shook her head and beamed at him.
“I’m feeling well, as long as you’re by my side.”
Miska put his arm around her shoulders and they walked side by side toward the door down the hall. The closer they got the more was the smell of blood. Lucy could still not imagine what would be waiting behind the door. Three short times Miska knocked on the door, which was immediately opened by a pretty young girl. This glanced at Lucy, before she stepped aside and let the visitors inside. Lucy just shivered as the water-blue eyes of the girl she roamed. Now she entered excited the room, which was lit from the candlelight.
“Have a seat.”
The girl with the short blond hair pointed to a clad in crimson velvet sofa. She stood at the other end of the room and worked on the jars. After Lucy and Miska had sat down, Lucy had a look around in more detail in the dark back room.
The constant music of the night club came faintly through the thick walls. On the table, which was located directly in front of her were various strange utensils. Razor blades, needles and much other stuff about whose purpose Lucy would rather not think about.

“You like blood?” Miska had asked some time ago. “I know a place where you can do just that. Taste blood.”
“I want to taste yours,” she had replied in jest.
Now she was beginning to realize that he had meant it. Lucy sat huddled on the couch and looked at the girl anxiously. This did not smile, handed her a glass with a dark red liquid at Lucy, that cautiously sniffed and then sipped it short. Relieved, she noted that it was wine.
“I’m Izzy,” the girl said in a flat voice, as she sat down next to Miska.
“I do not suppose that Miska told you very much of me.”
She gave him an appraising glance to right then to turn to Lucy. This shook her head. Her tongue felt strange and hard she tried to sort out her thoughts.
“Miska said, you’re on blood. Is it true, isn’t it? ”
Lucy took another sip of wine and nodded.
“Good. I hoped he would not make a mistake. ”
Izzy picked up the wine bottle and looked quizzically at Lucy.
“A little bit more wine?”
“Yes, please,” answered Lucy heavy.

Somewhere in her woozy mind she noticed that Izzy was now directly beside her. She had not noticed how the girl had changed places. What was going on? Insecure, she watched her companion on the other side, but Miska just looked at her with expressionless eyes. Suddenly she felt very tired. What was wrong with her? She had only one glass of wine. Whether the strange girl had her mixed something in the drink?
Lucy’s head fell to the side and landed at Miska’s shoulder, that gently put his arm around her.
“I think I want to go home now,” she slurred.
She found it increasingly difficult to opened the eyes. She must not now sleep under any circumstances!
Miska stroked her hair soothingly.
“But you haven’t met my friend properly. She is really something special”, he whispered in her ear with a welcoming voice. An excited tingling spread through her ​​stomach and she lifted her head to look at him. Gently he smiled at her. She closed her eyes as she felt his lips on hers. Lucy dropped down and was lost in the kiss. Why worry? But it was all right! She knew no more why she was so scared.
She felt like he took her hand in his, gently stroked her wrist and she let it happen. Lucy just felt more comfortable! He gently pulled away from her and looked at her. With his finger, he stroked her cheek, she gleefully briefly closed her eyes.
“Are you ready?”, asked Miska.
Although Lucy had no idea what exactly he meant, she nodded and replied, “Yes.”
Her voice sounded strangely alien in her ears and sounded like it was coming from far away.
“She’s ready,” Izzy said, beside her, with that unnatural voice.
Before Lucy could ask what she really was ready, she felt a brief, sharp pain on her wrist, which was immediately overlain by a warm, sweet, metallic smell. Slowly she turned her head and watched in fascination as the blood ran down her arm. The blonde girl smiled at her.
“We do not want to waste anything.”
Izzy gently slid her tongue over the fresh wound and greedily licked up the blood. A heated tingling made ​​by Lucy and she lowered her head appreciatively at Miska’s chest. Izzy closed her lips around the wound, where still blood oozed and began to suck. Lucy closed her eyes. A lustful moan escaped her throat. In addition to Izzy’s blood licking began Miska now to kiss her again tenderly. She passionately kissed him and drove him with her free hand through his long black hair. After what felt like eternity Izzy pulled away from her wrist, leaned back and closed her eyes with pleasure. A leftover drops of blood in her mouth, she licked away with her tongue. Miska watched Lucy now expectantly. He took a fresh razor blade from the table and held it in front of her eyes. The sharp blade flashed in the light.
“You said you want to taste my blood. Will you or I do? ”
He looked invitingly from the razor in his hand to her. Lucy was too nervous and intoxicated to respond.
“She will not do it,” came from the sleepy Izzy. “She’s scared. Is too weak. ”
“No. She’s perfect. ”
Again Miska stroked over Lucy’s cheek.
“She just needs a little push in the right direction.”
With torn eyes looked Lucy motionless how Miska cut himself with a razor inflicted a small incision just below the collarbone. Blood gushed from the wound immediately. Slowly it ran him down the white chest. Lucy quickly leaned forward to lick at it before it touched his black shirt.

It was not the first time that Lucy tasted blood. However, it has always been only her own, which she eagerly soaked up every time she was injured. But take it from another person was new to her. Her whole body tingled with excitement. She licked all of the blood that ran out of the wound. Then she began to suck greedily on the small section to accommodate even the last drop. Lucy even tried to edit the wound with her teeth before they are completely closed. When she was sure that no fresh blood would come more, she pillowed her head against his chest exhausted. Lucy felt Miska’s hand on her head, and as he gently stroked her neck. With the feeling of perfect bliss, she fell asleep.

The warm summer sun awakened Lucy from her dreamless sleep. She felt strangely exhausted, as if something sucked up all her energy. Confused, she looked around. That was not her bedroom!
“Good morning, little sleepy head.”
Miska was fully clothed in the door and smiled at her. His all-black clothing formed a strong contrast to the white wall, beside he was standing. Lucy sat down on caution had to notice, however, that the expected dizziness forthcoming.
“Morning,” she replied shyly. “What was that last night? What exactly happened to me? ”
Still smiling Miska handed her his hand.
“Come, I’ll take you home. I’ll explain on the way. ”
“This girl of yesterday, Izzy was kind of odd. Who is she? ”
“You mean what is she? Her full name is Isabella and she is a vampire. ”
In disbelief Lucy tore her eyes and stared at him.
“A real vampire? I thought that it is only in movies and books. ”
“Well, it’s real. And you belong to her now. She drank from you. Just like me. We are now her servants. ”
Miska rolled up the sleeve of his leather jacket to show her the many scars that the bloodlust had left. Involuntarily, she stroked with her hand over her own, still fresh scar.

“You say that now we are her servants, we now belong to her?”
“So it is. And if she wish, we will be there when she longs for our blood. You can also drink from her if you want, “he added.
Lucy paused to reflect on what was said. Then she smiled.
“And when we see her again?”
“Soon. Very soon. ”
Miska put his arm around her and they went on their way. Their way into the by bloodlust dominated darkness which they were lost forever now.


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