A magical birthday in Hel

Honestly, I never believed that I could reach an age of 30. And this special day fell on the same day when one of my favourite bands, The 69 Eyes, celebrated their 25th band anniversary.
Luckily I was in good shape so I flew to Helsinki to celebrate with them. It was the most epic thing I’ve ever joined in my life!
They played two gigs which I attended both. I still can feel the magic that was in the air. Even if that was not enough for my birthday, they made me unknowingly a more special gift with playing THE song: Still Waters Run Deep.
To understand why this song means so much to me, I have to explain.
This song is my lifesaver. I listen it anytime. When I’m in fear, or when I’m upset. But mostly I listen it when I can’t bear the chronic pain. Late at night, when I’m crying and wish I would die. When I want to slit my wrist to bleed to death. I listen this one song, over and over again until the pain is better, until I fall asleep.

So to hear this song on my 30th birthday, which I thought I would never have, was overwhelming. The 69 Eyes made me the most special and epic birthday gift ever. What an emotional night that was! I never laughed so much in my life and I never cried so much! I’m still so touched that tears are running over my face while I write this. I will never forget and they have forever a special place in my heart. I’m so thankful, you made a dream come true. I love you.




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